[Coco] Toolshed DSAVE issues.

tim lindner tlindner at macmess.org
Tue Sep 22 13:46:37 EDT 2020

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 6:19 PM <coco at jechar.ca> wrote:
>   No also tryed
> os9 dsave -e . ../newvirtualos9disk.dsk,
> fails as well.
> tried without the -e and redirected the script to out
> os9 makdir "../Quilt-Release-1.0.dsk,/.."

You seem to be trying to write disk images onto disk images.

And your version of toolshed's os9 command is treating the source disk
images as folders.

I've been testing here with simplified similar situations and
everything is working fine.

What date is associated with your 'os9' executable? You may be running
an older version.

tim lindner

"Proper User Policy apparently means Simon Says."

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