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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
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On Friday 23 October 2020 21:07:41 Joshua Harper via Coco wrote:

> Hi guys I know this is off-topic but didn’t know who else to ask I
> just had my Windows 7 PC fixed with a brand new 4 TB hard drive put in
> it with Windows 7 ultimate when I got back my PC under properties of a
> hard drive it showing capacity 1.97 available hard drive space how can
> I get back the rest of my hard drive space the other 2 TB apparently
> they put a partition on it I believe is there any way of taking off
> the partition where I can get the whole 4 TB access again thanks I
> appreciate all your help

Well, if it was linux, I'd run fdisk or such and add the rest of the 
drive as another partition. mount it in /etc/fstab as /home/yourname, 
and copy the existing /home/yourname to it.  Then edit /etc/fstab to 
mount it as /home.   And reboot, edit /etc/fstab to mount the old one 
someplace else to make it again accessible, reboot again and clean out 
the old stuff you've copied to the new partition to recover that space. 
But I only own one winders box that only gets pulled out of the truck 
and used for tuning an am radio stations antenna tower, so I can't tell 
you how to do it on winderz. Having your personal stuff separate from 
the os means you can if carefull, reinstall the os w/o losing your 

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