[Coco] Tandy Color Computer 3 RND Function

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Sat Mar 28 16:18:46 EDT 2020

My understanding of the “marbles in a bag” puzzle was incorrect, but my first attempt to do it has been posted:

https://subethasoftware.com/2020/03/28/the-marbles-in-a-bag-puzzle-in-color-basic/ <https://subethasoftware.com/2020/03/28/the-marbles-in-a-bag-puzzle-in-color-basic/>

My original goal was to post this really awful (one command per line, lots of comments) source code and see how long it takes to figure out the matching percentages.  Then I was going to optimize it and see how much faster it could be done.

But, now that I understand the task Steve Ostrom was doing, I’ll make my next installment cover a version that does that.

I also have a “bouncing ball in BASIC” series I will be continuing, inspired by Jim Gerrie’s recent MC-10 bouncing ball demo in BASIC. 

Lots of fun BASIC stuff going on over at Sub-Etha Software, which is a fun throwback for me. When we launched in 1990, our first programs advertised in Rainbow was Shadow BBS in BASIC which made use of our second product, MultiBASIC, which was assembly patches for BASIC to let it do blocks of code and jump between them, allowing HUGE BASIC programs.

Our third produce was MiniBanners, also in BASIC but disguised to appear like it was assembly (you would LOADM:EXEC to run it).

It’s fun revisiting BASIC.

	— Allen
	https://subethasoftware.com/coco/ <https://subethasoftware.com/coco/>

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