[Coco] EmuDisk floppy utility issue

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Wed Jan 1 21:31:00 EST 2020

   On January 1, 2020 at 7:06 PM Wayne Campbell < [1]asa.rand at gmail.com>

   If I save the file out with wimgtool, the file opens without error in

   TextPad. I don't understand what is causing the issue, but it appears
   to be

   related to how EmuDisk is saving the file. I also compared the two

   (one from wimgtool and one from EmuDisk) in the file comparison utility

   WinMerge and it showed both files being identical. This just adds to my

   confusion, as one opens in TextPad and Notepad and the other only opens



   This is no more than a (semi) educated guess, but I suspect it is a
   unicode issue.  I often have very similar problems with some text
   editors under Linux.  One editor will claim it is an invalid file
   (expecting unicode) and another will open the same file just fine.  Old
   files often have characters that make unicode choke.  I'm not sure what
   mechanisms Windows uses to differentiate between an ASCII and a unicode
   file, but I suspect when you save it with the second program it gets
   marked as ASCII, which allows Textpad to recognize it as such.

   If EmuDisk is more than a few years old, it likely doesn't handle
   unicode well, if at all.

   Not much, but all I got.


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