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I'm thinking of a very popular Disney Toon, something like "Let it Go" that
Brian Blake should attempt some time.

In defense of you accusing our show of being vulgar and sexist, again,
you've never really watched or listened and you statement is untrue, and
slander, but I'd expect as much from a bitter person.  But continue to spin
thing to a way you see fit, you've also reminded me why I stopped engaging
in this list over a year ago, only took a day to have that refreshed.

When it comes to trying to change someone's opinion or force one's on
another, the efforts are always wasted, I'll just chime in when falsehoods
are spread, or civil rights are attempted at being violated, despite such

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On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 6:47 PM farna <farna at att.net> wrote:

> It's not just the CoCo community. Years ago I took over a car list because
> a couple people were running users off because they knew it all and had
> little patience with newcomers.  The guy running it was ready to shut it
> down, but let me take over. I posted a set of rules and said anyone who was
> out of line would get booted for a week the first offense, then a month,
> six months,  year, permanent. Immediate backlash from biggest loud mouth.
> Let him rant online a couple days and sent him a polite email.  Got threats
> back, so booted him. Then got lots of threatening emails.  Only he had my
> government email address. Told him I took copies to legal and they said to
> keep saving them, if they continued they would take care of it. Nothing
> else said. I enabled him a few weeks later and sent him a polite email
> saying so. Never heard anything from the email or on the list. No
> loss. Whoever runs the Facebook page has to act like an administrator and
> enforce the rules and block abusers if necessary, end of story. If Stevie
> IS the page owner, then people will eventually find somewhere else to go...
> assuming it's that bad. I haven't been on the coco facebook pages and
> probably won't be... get enough from the list here.Sent from my Galaxy Tab A
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