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Enough Already!!!

Please take your arguments to a private platform.


Michael Kline


On 28/05/2019 18:02, Steve Strowbridge wrote:
> I'm thinking of a very popular Disney Toon, something like "Let it Go" that
> Brian Blake should attempt some time.
> In defense of you accusing our show of being vulgar and sexist, again,
> you've never really watched or listened and you statement is untrue, and
> slander, but I'd expect as much from a bitter person.  But continue to spin
> thing to a way you see fit, you've also reminded me why I stopped engaging
> in this list over a year ago, only took a day to have that refreshed.
> When it comes to trying to change someone's opinion or force one's on
> another, the efforts are always wasted, I'll just chime in when falsehoods
> are spread, or civil rights are attempted at being violated, despite such
> efforts.
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> On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 6:47 PM farna <farna at att.net> wrote:
>> It's not just the CoCo community. Years ago I took over a car list because
>> a couple people were running users off because they knew it all and had
>> little patience with newcomers.  The guy running it was ready to shut it
>> down, but let me take over. I posted a set of rules and said anyone who was
>> out of line would get booted for a week the first offense, then a month,
>> six months,  year, permanent. Immediate backlash from biggest loud mouth.
>> Let him rant online a couple days and sent him a polite email.  Got threats
>> back, so booted him. Then got lots of threatening emails.  Only he had my
>> government email address. Told him I took copies to legal and they said to
>> keep saving them, if they continued they would take care of it. Nothing
>> else said. I enabled him a few weeks later and sent him a polite email
>> saying so. Never heard anything from the email or on the list. No
>> loss. Whoever runs the Facebook page has to act like an administrator and
>> enforce the rules and block abusers if necessary, end of story. If Stevie
>> IS the page owner, then people will eventually find somewhere else to go...
>> assuming it's that bad. I haven't been on the coco facebook pages and
>> probably won't be... get enough from the list here.Sent from my Galaxy Tab A
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