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It's only a 32x16 size font, but Steve Bjork's "Mouse" program, which he published in Rainbow, then eventually released as Public Domain (the only one he's ever released I think), is in the RTSI archives. It may be in the Color Computer Archives, but I don't think so.
Mouse not only gives you a PMode font, but several other function like mouse, joystick, hires joystick, and xpad functions as well as a mouse cursor. It hooks into basic's print commands so it's used as regular print statement in your program and it's faster than most as it's in ML. There are several other functions that I'm not remembering at the moment.
I used Mouse in several of my basic programs as well as in several programs I patched for it. It's very easy to use.
Documentation and the listing can be found in the July (page 121), August (page 180) and September (page 180) issues of Rainbow. The program and source can be found on the corresponding Rainbow on Disk issues as well as on RTSI in the RSDOS section under utilities/mouse (I think)
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Hello all, I'm keen to work on graphical adventures, along the lines of
Calixto Island. They will be in BASIC with Assembly where needed. Looking
at Don Inman's book (or was it one of the other 20+ CoCo books I have?
Lol), he has a chapter on using draw commands to create the alphabet and
'printing' them to a pmode screen. It works well, but isn't superfast for
paragraphs of text. I was also pondering handling text the way Steve is
doing it in his shooter for the game's 'sprites (double buffering of sorts.)

The third option is to use one of the many machine language programs that
promises more than 32 columns. They were always in ads in the various
magazines and I think a gazillion were released. :)

Any in the archive? Any somebody has, which is not in the archive? Or
perhaps one was listed out in a column of one of the magazines?

As an aside, I vaguely remember some utility programs that gave you more
than text on pmode screens. Things like menus and other GUI stuff.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita,
Color Computer Store

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