[Coco] CoCo SDC and Toshiba FlashAir Card W-04

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Mon May 13 17:49:19 EDT 2019


I'd like my card to connect to my existing AP (orbea2.4g) and then use 
SMB on my Mac (or Windoze XP, and yes, I still use WinXP) to connect and 
then upload .dsk files or delete .dsk files via a 'mapped SMB drive' 
(Flashair card in my CoCo SDC).

I can 'hard code' an IP address (, Subnet Mask 
(, Default Gateway ( and DNS Server 
( and also disable DHCP in the FlashAir's CONFIG file.

I won't be able to be on Discord tonight, I have a meeting to attend 
from 6:00pm to 10pm MDT.

Regards, Ed

On 5/13/19 3:34 PM, go4retro at go4retro.com wrote:
> Let me get home and read off my flashair card settings. Questions 
> while I am heading home:
> Do you want the FlashAir to connect to your existing AP as a client, 
> or do you want it to be an AP that you connect to?
> How would you prefer to transfer files to the card (via a file share?, 
> webpage, etc?)
> For reference, I have my cards set up as a client onto my existing AP, 
> and I have them set up with a static MAC address-> IP address setting, 
> with a dns name for each (my Coco one is \\coco-sd for example) and I 
> use SMB (file shares), so I can (from Windows), click on a mapped 
> drive and get the card (assuming it is powered). Other options are 
> also permissible, the cards are really flexible.
> I would also suggest getting on Discord, if you can, as chat is a 
> better option to debug this than email/forum, and I will be on tonight.
> Jim
>> On May 13, 2019 at 3:04 PM Ed Orbea <ed.orbea at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:ed.orbea at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> I have a MAC running High-Sierra I have been manually transferring dsk
>> images to my SD card(s) by removing the SD card from the CoCoSDC,
>> inserting it into the MAC and using the Finder app to transfer dsk 
>> images.
>> I just purchased a 16gb Toshiba FlashAir Card (W-04) and am hoping to
>> start transferring via WiFi. Hopefully somebody (ie Retro Innovations or
>> Zippster) has information on how to configure the FlashAir Card to allow
>> me to do so.
>> The CONFIG file on the FlashAir currently contains:
>> CIPATH=/DCIM/100__TSB/FA000001.JPG
>> VERSION=F15DBW3BW4.00.03
>> CID=02544d535731364754d37cef7b012201
>> PRODUCT=FlashAir
>> APPNAME=flashaircard
>> APPSSID=orbea2.4g
>> APPNETWORKKEY=**********
>> UPDIR=/
>> LOCK=1
>> According to information on "Matts Hub" blog, this places are FlashAir
>> in Station (STA) mode which should allow the card to act as a LAN client
>> and connect to my existing access point, BUT AS USUAL it doesn't work
>> and thus I'm looking for assistance.
>> Regards
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