[Coco] OS9 Script scope.

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Mon Feb 25 23:00:34 EST 2019

It seems that you have a boot disk in either an emulator or Coco hardware and you don't want to run 
NitrOS-9 from the boot disk but from Drivewire. Rather than use a line in Startup, you could try 
changing Sysgo so that it points to Drivewire.

By default, Sysgo contains
  fcc "/DD"
  fcb $0D
  fcc "/DD/CMDS"

Use dEd to look at the binary and change it to
and verify Sysgo.

Do this on your boot disk and you will run Startup on the DW drive.

On the other hand, why are you not loading the Drivewire ROM and only using DW drives?


coco at jechar.ca wrote:
>   When a paticular Nitro system I am working with starts up it runs the
>   "startup" program.
>   One command in the startup script is
>   cx /x2/cmds
>   to access the much larger set of commands on the drive wire server as verses
>   the 35 track /dd.
>   If I start a new shell from the script with
>   shell i=/w7&
>   it has access to all these extra commands.
>   But the /term window loses access to the drive wire command directory as soon as
>   the startup script exits and I need to type cx /x2/cmds to gain access again.
>   Is there any way to make the cx /x2/cmds in startup stick around after startup exits.

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