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On Friday 08 June 2018 00:30:56 RETRO Innovations wrote:

> On 6/7/2018 9:47 PM, Dave Philipsen wrote:
> > Haha! That phrase was popular when I was younger.  We used to say,
> > "close enough for the kind of girls I go out with".  But if I try to
> > use that phrase today, especially with the younger ones, I just get
> > a blank stare.
> >
> > Dave
> >
> > On 6/7/2018 9:10 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> Its good enough that if you can
> >> fill in the missing pieces, it will generally be more than "close
> >> enough for the girls I've gone with."
> I admit I'd not heard that one, and I think folks may look confused
> because the imlication is unclear:
>   * The girls you date lack precision?
>   * They girls you date don't care about quality? (or precision?)
>   * The girls you date aren't quality and thus would not care about
> it?
My first wife was quality thru and thru. Unforch, she had a stroke and 
died in '68 at 34 yoa. And the 3 children she so enthusiastically gave 
me, 2 girls and a boy, have since passed, the girls from cancer, and the 
boy tried to play mumbledipeg with a kia while filled up on alcohol just 
2 years ago.

The next one wasn't quality and after 17 years, we tore it up. She came 
with 3, only one survives today, MD took the older 2 at about 30 yo.

And I still have the three boys she gave me. They don't tolerate her 

This one was a 49 yo old maid when we said our I do's.  Now she's 78, and 
I'm 83. And I've had my 10 minute warning buzzer, a pulmonary embolism 4 
years back that the slew of docs who were watching me and telling me how 
lucky I was as those are about 95% fatal.  I sure can't recommend it as 
a way to die. 

But I'm still here, and putting in my $0.02 occasionally.

> Obviously, some of the options will be considered inappropriate in
> this era.
> Not wanting to get into the political aspects of the discussion,
> mainly just seeking clarity on the intent :-)
> Jim
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