[Coco] What ever Happened to NineServer ?

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Tue Jun 5 07:55:51 EDT 2018

I have made some progress, I now get a window opening but when I try to 
type into a shell in that window the coco completely crashes to 
"gibberish screen".

All relevant details below.

A. My inetd.conf
# inetd configuration file format:
# ListenPort <server opts>,Process,Params
# valid server options are: telnet auth protect banner
6810 telnet protect banner,login,

B. The script I am running from term to try to start the z shell.
display 1b 20 02 0 0 50 18 07 02 02 >/n6
xmode /n6 eko=1
shell i=/z6&

C. The modules in memory at the time.

    Module Directory at 08:24:13
REL         Boot        Krn         KrnP2       IOMan       Init
RBF         rbdw3       dw3         X0          X1          X2
X3          XF          RBSuper     lltc3       llide       02
IH          0T          DD          rb1773      D0          D1

SCF         VTIO        KeyDrv      SndDrv      JoyDrv      CoGrf
Term        W           W1          W2          W3          W4
W5          W6          W7          W8          W9          W10
W11         W12         scdwv       N           N1          N2
N3          N4          scdwn       N5          N6          N7
N8          N9          MIDI        Z1          Z2          Z3
Z4          Z5          Z6          Z7          scdwp       p

PipeMan     Piper       Pipe        Clock       Clock2      GrfDrv
Shell       Date        DeIniz      Echo        Iniz        Link
Load        Save        Unlink      Attr        Build       Copy
Del         Deldir      Dir         Display     List        MakDir
MDir        Merge       Mfree       Procs       Rename      TMode
cls         Wtype       type        WCreate

Note I added an EMPTY line either side of the SCF group to make it stand 

Notes about my modules - scdwn was added so DW4MAN would work.
                        - dd 01 and 0T are master drive partitions.
                        - rb1773 D0 and  D1 could be removed
        (for more memory) as I have no multipack.
                        - IH is the discriptor that allows me to
        edit the OS9Boot file for the IDE hard drive.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Charlie

On 2018-06-04 20:17, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Yes, originally Aaron was using the "/Nx" descriptors but there was a
> lot of confusion. The "/MIDI" is a descriptor within itself and named
> as such. Actually, it is "/N14" just renamed as MIDI can only be
> translated through virtual channel N14.
> The "/Zx" series is dedicated to the virtual terminal modes, though
> they use the same driver (scdwv.dr). I think it was Aaron's intention
> to eventually create a new dedicated "Z" driver with a more robust
> command set and proabably would have included graphics.
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> I thought those were just for MIDI so I had not installed them yet.I
> will add them to my boot changeing references like N5 to Z5 perhaps
> the Youtube refers to an older version where N is used rather then Z.
> I will update you about my progress tomorrow.On 2018-06-04 13:16, Bill
> Pierce via Coco wrote:> If you are referring to just running a NitrOS9
> terminal window on the> PC with the Coco as the server using DW4, then
> yes, it's still there.> First you need the "/Zx" desriptors along with
> the "scdwv.dr" (as well> as normal dw boot stuff)> Boot NitrOS9 with
> DW4 access. Type "shell /Zx&". x being the Z window> number (Z1-Z8).
> And yes, include the ampersand.> At this point, an 80x24 text window
> should appear on your PC in which> you have access to the Coco &
> NitrOS9. You can run programs and such,> but no graphics.> > > > > >
> Bill Pierce> "Charlie stole the handle, and the train it won't stop
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> Sent: Mon, Jun 4, 2018 9:23 am> Subject: [Coco] What ever Happened to
> NineServer ?> > I seem to remember popping a Nitros9 Window onto the
> drivewire server> it was very neat. There is a Youtube video>
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C-QvdX2bNQ  I cannot find the disk I>
> had made that did than so I was trying to  do it again from the>
> youtube video.  It does not work and I get a error 221 - Module not>
> found.  I do have n5  Is Nine server still supported by drive wire, I>
> herd a rummer that  that It was going to be a separate program.  I
> can> use either Nitros9 3.02.9 or 3.03 - 2014 or 3.03 Daily Build
> none of> these have worked.  What modules do I need and what should be
> in my> /dd/sys/inetd  to make this work or is it no longer  supported
> by> drive wire?  If it is being developed as a separate program now
> who is> the developer ?  Thanks.-- Coco mailing>
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