[Coco] Latest C Compiler Chain

Brian Blake random.rodder at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 09:49:00 EST 2018

*"TandyCoCo.com took down a huge amount of my work and of others,
perhaps intentionally.*

*Bill has his own methods and may have been part of the take down."*

Nobody took anything down. The Joomla database crashed and was not
recoverable. I spent quite a bit of money trying to keep that site up, even
after the crash, and I sure as hell don't appreciate the insinuation that
what happened was intentional on my part, or Bill's, who was an admin, JUST

It must be hell living inside your head, how everything that happens is a
direct assault on you, personally. You like accusing people of
intentionally sabotaging your work, try this on for size: one of the
engineers working in the database stated several uploaded files had at
least one virus embedded - and the files were linked to your user ID. The
virus deleted quite of bit code. He couldn't say whether it was uploaded
intentionally, unintentionally, or was injected from a 3rd party (phpBB has
security issues).

Now, did I blame you, or accuse you of intentionally damaging my website?
No, I didn't, because there was no proof you actually had anything to do
with it. Though it was rather ironic that problems started shortly after I
removed the ability to edit forum posts after 24 hours, and you threw a
tantrum about it.

That's not what ultimately took the site down.
The update to Joomla solved a few problems, but, created others. It was a
landing page plug-in for the joomla template that caused a cascading
database error. It all worked fine until I installed the link to the forum
so recent posts would appear on the landing page. That's what took the site
down. It was not intentional in any way, but, it was permanent.

You often talk about a 'sick person' out there disrupting work on CoCo
projects. Perhaps looking in a mirror might find that person...

You can complain about lost work all you want - you didn't lose anything.
You still have all the files, which you would've had regardless of where
they've been posted. I'm out several thousand dollars in hosting fees,
engineering support for trying to recover the database, etc...

Truth is, if Aaron didn't provide free hosting for the last year, the site
would have closed down earlier. Hosting fees on a site that sees maybe 20
visitors a month, just not worth it.

Bill has REAL problems to deal with, as do I. You can sit back and put your
tin foil hat on, and argue with yourself for a while. If you wish to think
there's some vast conspiracy against you, that's all on you, Stephen. I
don't care...


On Sun, Dec 16, 2018, 3:33 PM Stephen Fischer <SFischer1 at mindspring.com>

> I can send you the last iteration of our attempts to improve on the "C"
> Compiler, sources and documentation included. Plus a copy of the 6309
> assembler source.
> When TandyCoCo.com was taken down and everything was lost, I became
> perhaps the last owner of the parts of the latest "C" compiler chain.
> Just about everything has had rewrites and tweaks, some by Gene.
> As far as "ed", that was not included in the effort.
>   http://www.os9projects.com/C_Compiler/Compiler.html
> was to be the final resting place but it never got the files.
> You can't pick and chose as the parts are all tied together via the last
> iteration of "CC".
> TandyCoCo.com took down a huge amount of my work and of others, perhaps
> intentionally.
> Bill has his own methods and may have been part of the take down.
> I have at times provided the parts to persons but nothing has been heard
> by me after.
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