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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
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On Monday 17 December 2018 06:46:50 Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:

> Gene, I can say that FEMA was on the ball this time. Don't pay any
> attention to the media spoutin garbage about what they haven't done as
> I know personally that people are being helped. FEMA was on the ground
> and running at the Kinston air base 2 days BEFORE the storm hit as was
> the Red Cross and National Guard. FEMA, our governor and the state
> itself are currently under lawsuits concerning the reaction time and
> end results from hurricane Mathew over a year ago, so with this one,
> they're making a play to look good :-) The road I lived on was on
> camera and discussed when the president flew over to view the area and
> so it was mentioned on the national news, so our road and a couple of
> others were the first ones that FEMA jumped to help. They didn't want
> us on the news complaining after the president had said (publicly)
> that we would be a priority.
Its amazing what a little publicity in a bad light does to those folks. 
Our Guvner has replaced the guy in charge once already without getting a 
check other than payroll for the do-nothings he bosses written so far. 
But he's NOT the POTUS, ratchet-jawing on national tv either.

Anyway, good luck getting started up again. Theres lots of great music in 
these eastern hills that has not been recorded yet, and Larry Grose 
(Mountain Stage, WVPTV) can't do it all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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