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Gene, I can say that FEMA was on the ball this time. Don't pay any attention to the media spoutin garbage about what they haven't done as I know personally that people are being helped. FEMA was on the ground and running at the Kinston air base 2 days BEFORE the storm hit as was the Red Cross and National Guard.
FEMA, our governor and the state itself are currently under lawsuits concerning the reaction time and end results from hurricane Mathew over a year ago, so with this one, they're making a play to look good :-)
The road I lived on was on camera and discussed when the president flew over to view the area and so it was mentioned on the national news, so our road and a couple of others were the first ones that FEMA jumped to help. They didn't want us on the news complaining after the president had said (publicly) that we would be a priority.
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On Monday 17 December 2018 02:07:15 Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:

> For the past 2 years my little recording studio was doing well and
> growing. It had gotten to the point that I was busy enough that we
> needed a new (bigger) building and we had just had a nice steel
> building erected and were waiting on finances to pour the concrete
> floor and get started with the interior. During these two years, I've
> had to pack up my Coco stuff to make room in the very small building I
> was using. I had hopes that I would set up a special area in my new
> building for all my Coco gear so I could get back into some
> programming... mainly OS-9 C.
> Sadly, this was not to be. Not only did hurricane Florence take my
> home (under 8 foot of water), but it took my hopes of my new studio as
> well as all my Coco gear with the exception of a few pieces that
> residing in boxes up high on shelves.
> For the last 3 months, my wife and I have been living in one of the
> Sunday school rooms in a local church along with 4 other families
> occupying other rooms. Graciously, my daughter and her husband have
> offered to convert their very large garage into an apartment for us to
> live in. In moving here to Fayetteville, NC from Wilmington, NC, I am
> losing my client base for the studio and will have to start all over
> again, not to mention building a new studio and acquiring new gear.
> What does all this have to do with the OS-9 C Compiler? Well, the last
> thing I was doing before my studio got busy and left me no time for my
> Coco, was working on going through all the variations of the C
> compiler components and figuring out what worked and what didn't and
> compile a guide to using the compiler system with the latest, fastest,
> and best of the components. There's even a beginning of a webpage I
> started on my site that was to house the results, but things got
> really busy in the studio and I never got far. Now that I seem to have
> a lot of time to kill until I can get the studio going in a new town,
> I'll be working on Coco related stuff again, first being getting the C
> Compiler straightened out and packaged up nice and neat. I'm still
> traveling back and forth between Fayetteville & Wilmington (2 hour
> drive) to clean out and demolish my home & studio and salvaging what
> can still be used, so on the days I'm here in Fayetteville, I'll be
> messing with Coco stuff, and after I wind things up in Wilmington,
> I'll be doing lots of work with my Cocos again.
> So give me a few weeks and I'll be working on getting the C compiler
> straightened out and repackaged.

Damn, sorry to hear all that Bill. Hopefully FEMA will help, but be aware 
that our town of Clendenon about 70 miles south of here that was washed 
down the river 3 years ago in a flood, has been promised the moon & 
several tens of millions for damage recovery and rebuilding, but they've 
put so much paperwork with unreal filing deadlines into the application 
forms for folks more concerned with where they'll sleep tonight, that 
the end result is that they have disbursed exactly $0.00 in the 3 years 
since. I don't think thats an accident either, and certainly hope you 
haven't been thrown under the same bus. Somebody needs to rewrite the 
FEMA service manual, theres obviously no mention of service in it.

Keep your powder dry, you may need it yet to go hunting.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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