[Coco] Back to my COCO's again

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Mon Dec 10 10:00:51 EST 2018

Under HDB-DOS use the command 'DRIVE #0' for the master and 'DRIVE #1' for the slave

I uploaded , to the archive,  a program and pack of tools for use with ‎hdb-dos. It allows you to use the 'SIDEKICK ' program the same way as the SDCX program that is available for the SDC

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I finally have time to get back to working with my COCO's

again.  My desire is still to build a system with lots of disk

storage and that will probably end out be one using my

TC^3 and a disk farm.  I want to make a NitrOS9 development

system in hopes of bringing some other fun OSes to the

COCO world.

But, in the  meantime, I was setting up an IDE system last

night and a question popped into my  head.  If I  have two

IDE disks, a Master and a Slave, how do I differentiate

between then under HDB-DOS?  Not an important question

as I don't see IDE as my long term answer but I am curious.


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