[Coco] Back to my COCO's again

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 11 08:00:22 EST 2018

OK, moving on.

I have my development system running.  I have the latest NitrOS9

sources.  I can successfully build the usual images.  However... I

have (re)added entries into the makefiles for the TC3 but the image

created will not boot.  It gets to the third entry on the boot display

and then fails.  I basically used copies of existing entries in the makefile

only changing the TC3 specific stuff.  Is there something simple I am

missing?  Is there any documentation that would help with building

new systems from scratch?  I hope eventually to  have a system with

SCSI, IDE, DW and Floppies but for now I would be happy with just SCSI.


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