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On 3/15/2017 6:38 AM, Francis Swygert wrote:
> The above is true, but I think you can write using the tokens. I know
you can at
least use SOME of the tokens when coding... I recall using the token for REM
instead of actually typing REM, but can't recall what it is... Made it a bit
quicker typing remarks (an apostrophe?). Might not work for all tokens
? for print
' for REM

They are not tokens, but they are "shortcuts".



My (maybe flawed) understanding was that those worked as shortcuts BECAUSE
they were the tokens used by DECB. Maybe I'm wrong though... don't know
any others and never tried to write code using the tokens themselves.
Really no need, would need a cheat sheet to refer to or a lot to remember
-- and BASIC will tokenize when saved anyway, so why go to the effort to
remember them all? No real purpose for using tokens when writing code, the
REM token/shortcut saves a little typing, but the others aren't used as
much and would waste time remembering/refering to a sheet.

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