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Tim Fadden t.fadden at cox.net
Mon Mar 6 18:42:11 EST 2017

On 3/6/2017 1:21 PM, Tim Fadden wrote:
> Quick question....
> Is reading the source code the only detailed documentation for the 
> xmode command options, and what the values do?
> I was looking at the nitros9 wiki docs, but I couldn't find any 
> detailed docs there.
> The options have changed at some time later that the detailed help I 
> have on it. :-)
> Thx,
I have been looking for the last couple of hours with no success.

Where can I get information on what values do what on these?

xmode /t2
  nam=t2 mgr=SCF ddr=sc6551 hpn=07 hpa=FF68 upc=00 bso=01 dlo=00
  eko=01 alf=01 nul=00 pau=01 pag=18 bsp=08 del=18 eor=0D
  eof=1B rpr=04 dup=01 psc=17 int=03 qut=05 bse=08 ovf=07
  par=00 bau=06 xon=11 xof=13 col=50 row=18 xtp=00 wnd=00
  val= sty= cpx= cpy= fgc= bgc= bdc=

some of them are abviously on or off ie 0 or 1 some not so, and some I 
have no idea what they are.

I have this from an old doc:

Determines baud rate, word length, and stop-bits for a serial device.
This byte is bit-mapped as follows:

   Bits:     7         6    5         4         3    2    1    0
           -----     ----------     -----     --------------------
         Stop bits   Word length   Reserved      Baud rate

         0 - 1 bit   00 - 8 bits             0 - 110   3 - 1200  6 - 9600
         1 - 2 bits  01 - 7 bits             1 - 300   4 - 2400  7 - 19200*
                                             2 - 600   5 - 4800  8 - 32000**
  * This is for ACIAPAK only      ** For SIO driver only

Ex: xmode /p  baud=22  gives 1 stop bit, 7 data bits, and 600 baud
     xmode /t3 baud=86  gives 2 stop bits, 8 data bits, and 9600 baud

I am assuming the values need to be converted from bin to dec, and not 
hex? I understand this and can figure it out, but what about the other 

Some of the names have changed since the doc was made.

I looked through the nitros9 source code, bud didn't have any luck.

how about "par" parity I assume,  there is none odd and even what value 
do I plug in?

sorry for being such a pest, but I am getting frustrated.

any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.

Tim Fadden
"Hey Schmidt, don't forget about the six P's.
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