[Coco] [Color Computer] Trying to connect my CoCo2

maniacalelvis@yahoo.com [ColorComputer] ColorComputer at yahoogroups.com
Wed Jun 22 18:30:53 EDT 2016

 Hi there,

 I'm trying to get my CoCo2 connected to my new age TV and running into some trouble.  I have a RF to Coax converter to plug into the antenna but I see a messed up screen when trying to do this.

 I am on the same channel as the computer (tried both 3 and 4) and only see a distorted screen when the channels match.  Not sure if my computer is not working or the connection to the TV.

 Any guidance or things to troubleshoot?  I still have the old game switch but I don't think I need it anymore as I don't need to jump between computer and antenna.


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