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Stephen, I think the simplest way for you to get people to understand what
Urbane is and does is to present two versions of the same short program:
 how it looks when typed in Urbane format, and how it looks after the
Urbane preprocessor has translated the program to standard Basic.


On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 1:48 PM, Stephen H. Fischer <
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> The name "URBANE" was chosen to NOT imply a MODERN language. It is basely
> only DECB programs that are preprocessed to be interpreted by unchanged
> DECB. Bummer still, but more human friendly.
> NOTHING about a high level language applies.
> There is a project being looked at by Earl Casper to change DECB's
> language, but that has no timetable.
> I was astonished by how much more user friendly "URBANE" is just by
> removing the line number requirement and the two character limitation for
> variables.
> I went on to add other things to allow better programming practices.
> Look first at
> http://cococoding.com/sfischer/Urbane/Urbane%20Doc%20full%20set/ubn_out.htm
> That is pure DECB which is a run-able version of
> http://cococoding.com/sfischer/Urbane/Urbane%20Doc%20full%20set/ubn_in.htm
> Look at the discussion on
> http://www.tandycoco.com/coco-forum/basic-ly-speaking for answers to your
> question and many more.
> P.S. I hate what you did to my post!!!
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> >
> > So, if I understand correctly, URBANE is a high level language that when
> "compiled" produces a BASIC program that is runnable in DECB? Salvador
> >
> >
> **********************************************************************************************
> >
> **********************************************************************************************
> >
> **********************************************************************************************
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> > Covering URBANE is compatible with "I never left the minor leagues of
> BASIC and learned any real or serious languages".It is DECB! You need to be
> a good DECB programmer to step down to the better language "URBANE".In the
> end it is a DECB program that you run.This is the language definition and
> Source.
> http://cococoding.com/sfischer/Urbane/Urbane%20Doc%20full%20set/ubn_in.htmHere
> is the runable version ready to be interpreted be DECB.
> http://cococoding.com/sfischer/Urbane/Urbane%20Doc%20full%20set/ubn_out.htmSo
> you see, it just is a preprocessor for DECB programs that is much more
> friendly to humans but results in the same DECB program to run.The
> discussion on Urbane and the rest of the files including a DECB disk ready
> to use is here.I am looking for where to place these files, CoCo3.com which
> hosted the project is no longer is good shape to continue.
> http://www.tandycoco.com/coco-forum/basic-ly-speaking is where the
> discussion without me is.The start of the project that is stalled is here
> is why I wrote URBANE.
> http://www.tandycoco.com/coco-forum/software-projects/20Have fun.Earl
> Casper has and is doing more work on his versions, what he has planned is
> very exciting.SHF----- Original Message ----- From: "Steve Strowbridge" <
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> [Coco] Programming in BASIC YouTube series> Thanks for the feedback
> Stephen, this is something I've been wanting to do> for a LONG time and
> will hopefully fulfill a life-long dream, I never left> the minor leagues
> of BASIC and learned any real or serious languages.  I> was quite fortunate
> that once I moved to the PC, Microsoft Quick Basic> compiler allowed me to
> pick up with zero learning curve and create some> pretty amazing PC
> software that compiled into a stand-alone EXE file.  This> again kept my
> creative tank full, but was also so "good enough" that I> didn't need to
> learn any other languages, and I eventually stopped playing> with BASIC by
> the end of the 90's, and regret never going to "the next> level" with
> lower-level languages.> > Seeing how many projects in both hardware and
> software that are going on,> I'm uber motivated to create a software
> project to bring to next year's> fest.  The goal of this series was to
> first re-learn for myself, second to> possibly teach someone who had no
> previous experience, and lastly, to> create a game (or more).> > I have now
> also set a challenge for myself to learn 6809 assembly after I> complete
> this series (Which I will also document via YouTube), and,> hopefully, have
> a "real" game that I can demo at CoCoFEST! next year,> hopefully even
> getting it on a cartridge, but baby steps first :)> > > Steve Strowbridge,
> aka> The Original Gamer Stevie Strow> http://ogsteviestrow.com>
> ogsteviestrow at gmail.com> > > On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Stephen H.
> Fischer <> SFischer1 at mindspring.com> wrote:> >> How about a series of
> URBANE programming.>>>> Maybe some use may occur.>>>> SHF>>>> -----
> Original Message ----->> From: "Steve Strowbridge" <
> ogsteviestrow at gmail.com>>> To: "CoCo Mailing List" <coco at maltedmedia.com>>>
> Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016 12:38 PM>> Subject: [Coco] Programming in
> BASIC YouTube series>>>>>> >I started a series on YouTube where I am going
> back through the process of>> > re-leaning Color and Extended Color BASIC
> for the CoCo 1&2 to ultimately>> > re-write a number of my BASIC games I
> created as a kid that I no longer>> > have.>> >>> > Since I have to
> somewhat re-educate myself to the language, I thought>> there>> > may be at
> least 1 or 2 other people in the world who may find this>> > interesting,
> so I decided to make it a chapter-by-chapter series, with>> the>> > season
> finale being the creation of a new BASIC game.>> >>> > The link to this
> series is:>> >
> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDfh7JjQaSYA1fP5KwRiOwefFIIF1Alid>>
> >>> > If you already know BASIC, and lower languages like assembly and C,
> you>> > aren't going to learn anything new here, but anybody who only
> dabbled in>> > BASIC or perhaps never dug too deep in may find it to be of
> interest.>> >>> > I have added two more chapters today so I'm currently up
> to chapter 5, I>> > hope to crank these out at a quicker pace, so hopefully
> a few chapters>> per>> > week will be the release schedule.>> >>> > Looking
> forward to hearing any feedback, and as soon as I'm done with>> this,>> >
> I'm going to jump into the deep end and start to learn 6809 assembly,>>
> which>> > I have zero previous experience with and document that as well.>>
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