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:) Very entertaining.

What an imagination, where did you take that from? Are you mad?
That will never happen, such things as Coco gadgets for sale after 40 years!

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>  For international tracking, look for the 13-character tracking
>> "number", starting with 2 letters and ending with your 2-letter
>> country code: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S10_%28UPU_standard%29
>> I have bought stuff from US over eBay with a shipping cost of $12.95
>> (USPS of course) and it had tracking all the way. So it is definitely
>> possible.
>>  reason it can't be tracked anywhere. In fact I should be able to get a
>>> live
>>> satellite (or drone) feed on my cell phone of the dude actually
>>> delivering
>>> the package.
>> The drone would deliver the package itself, right :) There was a
>> marketing stunt about this some time back.
>> Tormod
>> --
> Hehehe... I think it was Amazon who said they were going to do delivery by
> drone. Google wants cars driving themselves all over and Amazon wants to
> create clouds of delivery drones cruising the skies. I don't know if these
> guys are trying to build Skynet or not, but they just might end up doing
> it. Suddenly in the future, Amazon's feedback system is full of reports of
> the delivery drones trying to terminate the customers and the media is
> overflowing with news reports of self-driving Googlecars chasing people
> through the streets. Skynet has become self-aware.  Next thing you know
> there's a 7' tall metal skeleton on your doorstep dropping off your latest
> Coco-related gadget and asking about the whereabouts of Sarah Connor.
> --
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