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Good ideas, thanks

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If they don't sell, relist them at twice the current asking price but 
include free shipping.

That sometimes works. Something to do with perceived value and the general 
hatred on eBay toward shipping charges of pretty much any type. "Yeah it's a 
little expensive, but the shipping is free so I am actually saving money!" 
I think Vegas works on a similar system of perceived value versus 
mathematical reality.

They'd probably be snapped up at the current asking prices if you offered 
international shipping and charged for shipping accordingly.

There's a big market out there.

But as an occasional eBay seller I understand the reluctance to ship 
internationally due to our postal service's seeming inability, or possibly a 
reluctance, to track packages globally. But honestly the foreign buyers are 
really taking the greater risk as PayPal doesn't often side with buyers from 
countries outside of the seller's country in an eBay dispute.

Sorry for the ramble.

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