[Coco] Newbie Questions

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Thu Jul 3 22:52:10 EDT 2014


I think most of your problems are the result of not having a disk controller. 
That means your HDBDOS is in RAM only instead of both RAM and ROM. There are 
many Disk Basic machine language programs that will run in full RAM but switch 
to ROM/RAM mode for disk I/O. Emulators don't have this problem because the disk 
ROM is emulated.

You certainly can run HDBDOS with a hardware floppy controller. Depending on the 
controller you acquire, you could have several disk ROMs in a single EPROM and 
select them with switches. A drivewire HDBDOS is one of the several versions of 
HDBDOS that exist.
There should be several documents on the Cloud-9 site explaining how to use 
HDBDOS including some "white papers".

By the way, Drivewire3 is fine but there are more features with Drivewire4. You 
should switch to it.


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