[Coco] 5-1/4″ DS DD 80 track drive, 300 RPM mod

Bill Nobel b_nobel at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 2 23:17:48 EDT 2014

Ok, I think I now understand what you are trying to do, been kinda watching the thread.  I assume you have the restore program for you backup under your boot with DriveWire?  If so I ended up using winimg under Mess to move the disks to virtuals from my PC zipped archive, then moved them to DriveWire disks. Then I used the restore program on the DriveWire drive to virtual HD.

Bill Nobel

On Jul 2, 2014, at 8:39 PM, Kandur <k at qdv.pw> wrote:

> Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 4:43:36 PM, you wrote:
>> Kandur wrote:
>>> Many thanks Robert, you saved me a huge amount of wild goose chase.
>>> My goal is to restore a 1989 scsi hard drive backup set on  floppies to an
>>> actual scsi hard drive, connected to the Coco-3.
>> You will need to indicate what was on the SCSI drive and how that was
>> transferred to floppies. For example, if the
>> hard drive was formatted so that 
>> the first part was OS-9 and the second part was
>> multiple 35-track Basic 
>> floppies, that is a Ken-Ton RGBDOS system and it won't be a problem.
>> If the the original hard drive had some other
>> format, then you will probably 
>> need to copy files rather than using a Backup command.
> There could be a bit of misunderstanding regarding the HD restore.
> Don't really care where to restore the backup, as long as 
> the files can be accessed and I can copy them somewhere. 
>> You need to be specific about what your system
>> was and what you want your new 
>> system to be. This group can't provide help in a vacuum.
> The system consisted of a Coco-3, MPU, J&M FD and Owl Ware HD controllers.
> 2x5.25" DS DD 80T 300rpm floppy drives and 2x100MB CDC Wren SCSI HDs, 
> running OS-9 L2. Can't remember, how was the HD formatted.
>>> I have the original
>>> controllers for this. DW was new to me and a pleasant surprise.
>>> I made a copy of one of my backup diskettes to a wd4 virtual floppy,
>>> using hdb-dos, but have no way to confirm that, if it is good or not.
>> Again where is the detail? What format did you
>> use for the DW4 virtual floppy? 
>> Did you copy files or use a backup command? Was
>> it a Basic or OS-9 transfer?
> Just followed these instructions:
> "An example, to copy a disk from the CoCo to the PC:
> Step 1. Mount a blank .dsk image in Drive 0 of the server on your PC .
> Step 2. Type DRIVE#0 to switch to the virtual drive 0 (this is the default).
> Step 3. Type DRIVE OFF 0 to turn off virtual disk 0 on drive 0 and turn on 
> 	floppy drive 0 connected to your CoCo.
> Step 4. Insert your floppy into the CoCo's floppy disk drive 0 and type BACKUP 0 TO 1
> The DriveWire and HDB-DOS will then transfer the contents of the real floppy 
> to the virtual disk 1 in the drive 0 slot."
>>> It still eludes me, how to copy  wd4 virtual floppies to a real floppies
>>> or to a hard drive drive on the Coco, running nos-9. Is it possible at all?
>> Of course it is possible. However, we can't
>> answer hypothetical questions. Post 
>> a specific question with details of all disks
>> and files, virtual and real, if 
>> you want an answer.
> Come to think of it, I don't need that for the restoration.
>>> Unless I get hold of a headless version of nos-9 L2 floppy or dw image,
>>> where the console defaults to /T1 @ 9600 baud, can't use Dsave,
>>> due to my 128k ram limitation. I tried it. My last resort is to buy a
>>> $50 + shipping 512k ram upgrade for my 'like new' $45 Coco-3.
>>> Kandur
>> You are severely handicapped because of the
>> small amount of memory on the Coco3. 
>> However, that should not prevent transferring
>> the contents of a DW4 virtual disk 
>> to a real floppy on the Coco.
>> It will make it very difficult to run NitrOS-9 on the Coco3 system.
> You are absolutely right, I can't even edit the boot list, run scripts,
> make a new boot disk, change descriptors, etc. with all those modules
> in the stock repo disk images. That's why I need a stripped down,
> no graphics, sound, joysticks, etc. L2 boot disk, where the console 
> defaults to /T1 @ 9600 baud terminal. I made one of this, way back when,
> worked great with my stock 128k Coco-3.
>> Robert
> Kandur
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