[Coco] 5-1/4″ DS DD 80 track drive, 300 RPM mod

Kandur k at qdv.pw
Wed Jul 2 12:41:30 EDT 2014

Many thanks Robert, you saved me a huge amount of wild goose chase.
My goal is to restore a 1989 scsi hard drive backup set on  floppies to an 
actual scsi hard drive, connected to the Coco-3. I have the original
controllers for this. DW was new to me and a pleasant surprise.
I made a copy of one of my backup diskettes to a wd4 virtual floppy, 
using hdb-dos, but have no way to confirm that, if it is good or not.
It still eludes me, how to copy  wd4 virtual floppies to a real floppies
or to a hard drive drive on the Coco, running nos-9. Is it possible at all?
Unless I get hold of a headless version of nos-9 L2 floppy or dw image,
where the console defaults to /T1 @ 9600 baud, can't use Dsave, 
due to my 128k ram limitation. I tried it. My last resort is to buy a
$50 + shipping 512k ram upgrade for my 'like new' $45 Coco-3.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 5:22:45 AM, you wrote:
> Kandur wrote:
>> Now that I have DW4 working with both virtual and real floppy drives,
>> I?d like to find a way to copy the HD backup floppies to virtual floppies
>> and restore the backup set to a hard drive.
>> Can anyone tell, by looking at the directory listing,  which backup program was used?

>> Kandur

> Kandur,

> With HD meaning High Density, you will not
> likely be able to use the OS-9 
> command Backup to move your floppy disks over
> to Drivewire virtuals. The reason 
> is that the format are different and Backup
> will not run if the disks are 
> formatted differently.
> The command you will want to use is Dsave. That
> will copy over everything on the 
> old disks, including the kernel and OS9Boot if
> you ask for it, even if the disks 
> have different formats.

> You will need to decide what type of disk you
> want for the DW virtuals. They can 
> be floppy equivalents, default DW drives, or
> even .vhd "hard drives" used with 
> MESS and VCC.

> Robert

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