[Coco] CoCoFEST - Video Streaming Via Skype

Nick Marentes nickma2 at optusnet.com.au
Fri Apr 25 01:00:14 EDT 2014

> I think we both did a bit of venting of frustration and I apologize for my tone. I don't think you're causing problems and in fact know
> that you mean well. I also agree that we (GCCC) need to do a better job of promoting the fest and are doing what we can to get the word
> out about the GCCC and the fest. It's important to remember that the local glenside group has a small "core" group with  about 5 people
> doing most of the work of oganizing the fest which includes booking the facilities, making dinner reservations, etc, etc, etc, etc. All
> while working a "day job", family obligations, etc.
> All this while the landscape of the 8bit hobbiest community is rapidly changing. Which is why I asked for suggestions for ideas of how to
> reach people interested in the coco that don't know that we exist. We really are trying and doing what we can and know to do.

I understand what your saying and I'll admit to letting my frustration 
take control.

I guess what needs to be understood is that the old CoCo community that 
many of us "veteran CoCo users" are familiar with is shrinking and there 
must be an acknowledgement that there is a bit of a revival of the CoCo, 
not just because of the retro computer revival but also from Boisy and 
Bill's book and the many others who contribute to our community in front 
of a global audience thanks to the internet.

These new users would love to partake in such a gathering of like minds, 
much in the way we did back in the 80's when there were many CoCo clubs 
to attend. The audience now is global and physical clubs just don't 
exist. There needs to be a way to pass on the knowledge, experience and 
enthusiasm of our favorite 8 bitter and embracing the internet as a 
means of accomplishing this is vital.


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