[Coco] CoCoFest - No promotion?

Nick Marentes nickma2 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Apr 24 15:59:56 EDT 2014

On 25/04/2014 6:15 AM, Frank Pittel wrote:
> Nick,
> The fest has been advertised on the GCCC webpage for a while now. I know it's been talked about here and
> on the coco IRC. I'm not sure but unless I'm mistaken it's alre been discussed in the coco related facebook
> pages.
> I hope this isn't considered the hijacking of this thread but I am seriously interested in how the fest could
> be better promoted to both coco users but also to people that have an interest in the coco but doesn't know
> about the GCCC or other coco related resources. If anyone has any serious ideas they will be given full consideration.

I must admit, I don't look at the FaceBook page.

This CoCoList is more-or-less the "nerve centre" of CoCo communications 
for a larger part of the global CoCo community.

I just haven't heard much "buzz" about it here and so forgot about it.

Maybe more frequent e-mails on this list of what is planned at the fest? 
It's not enough to simply mention it once and then tick that off as 
done. With the number of messages that appear on this list, it's easy to 
miss a message or forget about it over time (as I did).

Leading up to the fest, it needs to be repeated and an attempt to create 
some chatter about it. This chatter will lead to finding more people who 
may pitch in to offer to do a talk, bring some items of interest to the 
fest and most importantly, promote the fest to gain more attendees.

I remember when I was organising PennFest 2000, I began organising and 
promoting the fest 9 months prior to the actual event. I periodically 
maintained the website and kept it up to date with the planning of 
events and even provided a growing list of people who planned to attend 
so that others contemplating attending could see who else was going. All 
this from the other side of the planet (I'm in Australia and flew to the 

Via the internet, I made contact with people, arranging for special 
guests, talks, demos and live IRC/web cam.

My complete Pennfest 2000 report web page has been up for years and 
available for anyone to glean ideas.



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