[Coco] CoCoFest - No promotion?

Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 24 16:25:52 EDT 2014

On 25/04/2014 6:15 AM, Frank Pittel wrote:
> Nick,
> The fest has been advertised on the GCCC webpage for a while now. I know 
> it's been talked about here and
> on the coco IRC. I'm not sure but unless I'm mistaken it's alre been 
> discussed in the coco related facebook
> pages.
I must admit, I don't look at the FaceBook page.

I've heard about the Coco Facebook page a few times now in the past few 
days, but I don't think I've heard of it before this.  I generally dislike 
most Facebook posts, but I'd be interested to see how the Coco version is 
run.  Since I'm not very Facebook savvy, how do I take a look?  Do I have to 
ask someone to be a Coco Facebook friend?  Thanks for the help.

--- Steve ---

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