[Coco] SVGA converters

Michael Rowen mike at borncoco.com
Sat Apr 5 14:10:53 EDT 2014

I've been waiting for you to resume building these so I could get two more, because they are very good. I will pay full price. Lowering your price so far below cost will likely result in a much higher demand, costing you too much and possibly force you to stop altogether. That would be sad. Benevolence is not a bad thing, but you shouldn't sacrifice to do so. Keep up the good work & I hope that you enjoy retirement!

Mike Rowen

RJRTTY at aol.com wrote:

>Hello Coco friends
>       I am writing to you today to announce  a price change
>for my converters.    I have decided to lower the price  to
>$50 for both the board level unit and the one with an
>enclosure.   The cost to produce them is over $100 but that
>is a totally unacceptable price since you can get single
>board computers for less than that.   So I have dropped
>the price to something more reasonable.   Something
>I would pay if it were me buying the product.
>    The only reason I have to sell below cost is that  commercial
>units are made by the gross using "pick and place" machines
>while mine are hand made.  They buy components in bulk
>while I buy small quantities at a time.
>   My main motivation is not to make money anyway but to
>insure our beloved machine continues deep into this century.
>    I enjoy making the units anyway.   It's sort  of like woodworking
>or painting pictures.   It relieves stress and gives me a sense  of
>   I have suspended production for the time being till my  financial
>position settles down due to my recent retirement.   When  that
>happens I will begin to assemble them once again.and fill orders.
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