[Coco] The myth of the Coco3 256 color mode :)

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed Apr 17 08:50:18 EDT 2013

Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
> Hi,
> I was interested in digital camera shots of the CoCo screen. Having the original
> picture to compare with would be nice. Need not be the original density, cameras
> produce such huge files today that a graphics program (I have two) would reduce
> the size easily.
> A static display, something like the 64 color display that I have seen photos of
> would help.
> I want to really believe that 256 colors are displayed, not that I do not trust
> you.
> Digital cameras are more trustworthy to capture a better screen shot IMHO.
> My CoCo's have been turned off for many years, then before only to copy disks.
> Disto controller died taking a CoCo3 with it and I lost interest in hardware. I
> have 3-4 SCSI drives on the pile to go to the recycler. No, they are not
> available. Nothing in my electronics room is considered working, one person on
> the list can confirm that I sent him bad hardware.
> My AVS shots have been of my HDTV display, I do not think I had a digital camera
> when I was using my NTSC TV.
> Wait, I have some CoCo NTSC shots on mm, but I cannot find them. A 64 color
> display one may be close by.  (Please do not post links.)
> The method used to create the utube may not do justice to the demo. It just
> looks way too bad.
> I have one tuner card that anyone asking how to capture NTSC video is told to
> scrub his hands with brillo pads for three hours to stop them typing anything
> like that again.
> My other three HTPC tuners may do a better job, but a $16 device from Fry's was
> said to do the best job.
> The DECB starting screen says to me that a better way needs to be found.

I think we need to move this discussion to
where a thread with the same name as this one has been started. The forum makes 
posting of images and programs easy.

There are some problems taking digital pictures of a CRT screen as moire 
patterns are generated. Nevertheless I did post an image and will probably post 
The program that loads .bmp files of the type previously described is also 
available for download. Use a right joystick to scroll over images.

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