[Coco] The myth of the Coco3 256 color mode :)

jmlaw at iprimus.com.au jmlaw at iprimus.com.au
Tue Apr 16 16:13:07 EDT 2013

Hi RG,

Firstly, (for others) it's artifact color, not the 256 RGB mode Nick & Socks 
have been trying to find, just to be clear as Nick mentioned the other just 
recently. Nick has no interest in this (as it's NTSC composite only), as is 
the case for most and I can understand that.

I have to say though it's far from dead, well for me anyway. I've continued 
to develop it even further than I had, just here and there between other 
projects for my own interest. Doesn't really bother me no one is interested 
in it though. I've pretty much completed what I wanted to achieve with it, 
just a couple more things to actually put to a demo. Then share what I've 
learned on a personal website.

I had always planned to re-do the posts after deleting my development posts 
from coco3.com. Roger had some major issue with it (probably because we 
compared the benefits of it to alternate methods used by his Projector 
program etc), so rather than stay at coco3.com and argue the point (his 
site, he can say whatever he wants) the plan was to write it up elsewhere. 
Just there was so little interest (or uncredited self-interest, yeah you 
Linville :) that I've continued the development unannounced. The website to 
help programmers I wrote to helps those like myself who wanted to learn more 
programming would have been ideal, but the a few idiots killed that. Though 
following the general advice given on this list after all that, I only do it 
for myself now, and am much happier away from the BS which sadly I see 
others still cop. So it takes longer :)

I don't know if anyone has become interested in it since, and wouldn't be 
surprised if they're not. It's one thing to display the colors on screen in 
a palette or show a static bitmap, it's another to actually develop it to 
the point where it can be used for something like games, that's what I've 
been working towards, that's just what interests me. Had there been more 
interest, I'd have shared more sooner, but really, how often has it even 
been mentioned on the list? Other than to say I deleted my posts from 
coco3.com because of a temper tantrum? Yeah, two sides to every story ;)

Anyway, I've done my best to keep developing it and the plan is to share all 
that I've done with it within the next few months, depends how long it takes 
me to finish my current project and get my personal website how I want it. 
Then if anyone want's to learn more about it, they can. I've also been 
hesitant to write anything of length for fear I'd just get more criticism, 
but I figure now if those English anal pricks get so annoyed over a single 
typo (or god forsake me if I make two) they can simply shove it where the 
sun don't shine. I have absolutely no time for hypocritical idiots like 
that. I might even put in a couple just for fun ;)


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