[Coco] The myth of the Coco3 256 color mode :)

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Apr 16 22:57:04 EDT 2013

jmlaw at iprimus.com.au wrote:
> Hi RG,
> I don't know if anyone has become interested in it since, and wouldn't be
> surprised if they're not. It's one thing to display the colors on screen in a
> palette or show a static bitmap, it's another to actually develop it to the
> point where it can be used for something like games, that's what I've been
> working towards, that's just what interests me. Had there been more interest,
> I'd have shared more sooner, but really, how often has it even been mentioned on
> the list? Other than to say I deleted my posts from coco3.com because of a
> temper tantrum? Yeah, two sides to every story ;)
> Anyway, I've done my best to keep developing it and the plan is to share all
> that I've done with it within the next few months, depends how long it takes me
> to finish my current project and get my personal website how I want it. Then if
> anyone want's to learn more about it, they can. I've also been hesitant to write
> anything of length for fear I'd just get more criticism, but I figure now if
> those English anal pricks get so annoyed over a single typo (or god forsake me
> if I make two) they can simply shove it where the sun don't shine. I have
> absolutely no time for hypocritical idiots like that. I might even put in a
> couple just for fun ;)
> Jason


I think this mode would be difficult to use for drawing images but have not 
tried to do that. I'm more interested in the "static images" you referred to. :) 
To that end, I've written a program to load 256-color .bmp files and display 
them. The results are surprisingly good.


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