[Coco] OS-9 Databases

Aaron Sebold manney at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 13:52:17 EDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-09-09 at 13:31 -0400, Lothan wrote:
> No, the source is not on those disks and FHL never had access to the source 
> because he was a licensed reseller of the commercial package.
> Sculptor was developed by Microprocessor Development Ltd. in London UK and 
> is still being actively sold by http://www.sculptor.co.uk/. I don't know if 
> the company would pursue legal action if you disassemble the OS-9 Level 2 
> version, but I don't want to take that risk.

That's what I was worrying about as well. Given the claims of the
software and the price, I was wondering if it was a licensed product
from a 3rd party...

An interesting thing I noticed from their page... Am I the ONLY laptop
user that doesn't put his laptop in the grass and develop / use
databases?!!?  :)

Thanks again.

> > Aaron Sebold wrote:
> >
> > Being lazy just now (getting ready for a vacation next week,) is the
> > source on those DSK files?  If not, is anyone still able to email the FH
> > in FHL and see if he will release them?  Or am I possibly (considering
> > the prices that Gene mentioned) going to be coming up against a
> > licensing issue?
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