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to Bill Loguidice....
Not a bad display at all... and by the way... love the Strat in the background. I have 2 myself, in my 14 guitar collection. An American made 1978 bought brand new when I was 18, and a 2010 Mexican "Anniversary Special HSS w/Floyd Rose". I've played a Strat in every band I've been in but one, I played an Ibanez 7-String in that band as we were playing more "Modern" music and a lot of the songs required dropped tunings. The 7-string allowed me to do that without retuning.

Music from the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2 & 3
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It's not the greatest picture since I wasn't taking it for demonstration
purposes last night, but you can at least see that the CoCo 3 is connected
over RGB to the 1084S:
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9yoyy7pM01rben3uo1_1280.jpg . I also
have the CoCo 3's composite connection going to an old Sony surround sound
receiver under the workshop desk, which outputs to the 1084s's
composite/SVGA-equivalent monitor input (Sound plays through both the
receiver and the monitor's speakers, though I usually have the latter off).
The CoCo 1 is going into the same receiver via an RF cable with an F-type
adapter, so it also displays on the 1084s' composite input. I have the RF
cable heavily shielded, but RF is still RF...

And finally, for even less of a good reason, here's a test spin I did when
I first got the Arqball Spin of a popular CoCo cartridge:


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