[Coco] Recovering a damaged cassette file

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Tue Sep 4 21:44:29 EDT 2012


The break at the beginning is no problem AFAIK having heard tapes loading so
many times.

Pasting a good section would not be useful.

It might be possible to increase the level of the bad section but I have
never tried. A FFT of the bad section would tell the tale.

Making the wave form available might allow some help, but the picture does
look pretty bad.

Playing the tape on a high quality audio tape recorder might help, I never
used a CoCo RS one having purchased a good audio one for computer usage
right at the beginning. Money well spent but I never saved anything with
just one copy.

Cleaned and demagnetized your tape head lately? I had to get mine out just
to spell demagnetized. I have two bottles of tape head cleaner.

There may be an utility that could recover the last part, but if it is code
that is lost, do not waste your time.

If you found the wave file online perhaps there is a good copy elsewhere 

Name and location of the bad one would help in that case.


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>I have a program saved on tape that I would love to recover.
> The problem is that the tape as a "drop" near the end of the file.
> Has anyone ever been able to recover, at least partially a damaged
> cassette file?
> I was thinking about just copying and pasting a good section of the file
> on top of the damaged one, using Audacity ( an audio editor )
> Any suggestions on what to do?
> In case it helps, here is a screenshot of the last section of the
> waveform. You can see 2 drops, a small, sharp one first, and a bigger one
> almost at the end.
> www.yaccs.info/MyDoD.jpg
> Thanks to all,
> Diego

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