[Coco] Recovering a damaged cassette file

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Tue Sep 4 23:59:21 EDT 2012

I really don't mind that much if I can not recover the part after the 
drop. It is at the 15 second mark of a 16 second recording. Since it is 
a game I wrote about 20 years ago, I hope I will be able to recreate the 

I know that in some cases, if I reset the CoCo right before getting the 
IO ERROR, most of the program is actually loaded, but when I try it with 
this one, the computer freezes.

It was probably the best game I ever wrote - or maybe is just the years 
blinding me ;-) - and I was such an idiot as to not keeping at least 2 
copies of it, as I always did :-(


Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
> Hi,
> The break at the beginning is no problem AFAIK having heard tapes 
> loading so
> many times.
> Pasting a good section would not be useful.
> It might be possible to increase the level of the bad section but I have
> never tried. A FFT of the bad section would tell the tale.
> Making the wave form available might allow some help, but the picture 
> does
> look pretty bad.
> Playing the tape on a high quality audio tape recorder might help, I 
> never
> used a CoCo RS one having purchased a good audio one for computer usage
> right at the beginning. Money well spent but I never saved anything with
> just one copy.
> Cleaned and demagnetized your tape head lately? I had to get mine out 
> just
> to spell demagnetized. I have two bottles of tape head cleaner.
> There may be an utility that could recover the last part, but if it is 
> code
> that is lost, do not waste your time.
> If you found the wave file online perhaps there is a good copy 
> elsewhere online.
> Name and location of the bad one would help in that case.
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>> I have a program saved on tape that I would love to recover.
>> The problem is that the tape as a "drop" near the end of the file.
>> Has anyone ever been able to recover, at least partially a damaged
>> cassette file?
>> I was thinking about just copying and pasting a good section of the file
>> on top of the damaged one, using Audacity ( an audio editor )
>> Any suggestions on what to do?
>> In case it helps, here is a screenshot of the last section of the
>> waveform. You can see 2 drops, a small, sharp one first, and a bigger 
>> one
>> almost at the end.
>> www.yaccs.info/MyDoD.jpg
>> Thanks to all,
>> Diego
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