[Coco] OS9 display server added to DW4

T. Franklin tim at franklinlabs.com
Wed Jun 27 07:45:47 EDT 2012


How come when you shelled to the server screen you couldn't see what you were typing? Just curious.

>Yet another video demonstrating yet another new feature..
>This time I've used the /N virtual channels as OS9 window devices.
>The L2 windowing calls are
>sent over the channel and interpreted by the display server which
>draws the event on your client PC.
>They work pretty nicely, and this isn't really tied to DW other than
>the use of the /N devices as
>transport for the data.   The client could be packaged separately and
>talk directly to a serial port with
>out the DW protocol, or even better over direct tcp/ip if we ever have
>that option.
>Anyway, full screen text programs work perfectly, and some graphical
>applications work fine.
>Others don't yet, but I think with a bit more experimentation I can
>get nearly any of them running
>remotely, including MultiView and other mouse driven programs.
>If you work remotely on an OS9 system via telnet or a serial line, you
>might find this really handy
>since terminal emulation just isn't possible with lots of OS9
>programs.  Hope to have a download
>available this weekend (it will not be perfect).
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