[Coco] Serial to usb printers

Frank Swygert farna at amc-mag.com
Wed Jun 6 08:49:48 EDT 2012

Won't work with a modern USB printer. Modern PC printers use the driver on the PC to do all the data work. The printer itself has no "brains". The CoCo needs a printer that translates the data to printed characters. You'd have to write a driver for a modern inkjet printer. No brains is why they are so cheap! Anything that can store or use raw data with a minimal driver should work, even a keyboard.

A printer driver would be a lot of overhead for a CoCo. The only way I'd attempt something like that would be to write a print utility that would run by itself. In other words, save your writing to a file then run the program to print the file. That way the print driver/program can have 100% use of the CPU -- the only practical way to print at a reasonable speed with a modern inkjet printer from a CoCo.

Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 23:02:45 -0400
From: Luis Fern?ndez<luis46coco at hotmail.com>

I thought pendrive and read and write anything you connect to usb
I have the protocol specification v1.0 and USB v2.0
and is communicated as 1st on the low speed and then go up if You might still
I also know that the protocol is very difficult but the possibility of connecting any device
through the port (serial or cartridge) is interesting.
Could connect keyboards, speakers, Pendrives, printers

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