[Coco] Mystery to me

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Jun 2 20:26:13 EDT 2012

Bill Pierce wrote:
> I use the same VHDs stored on a USB flash drive on Win XP, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008, Win Vista AND
> Win 7. I've noticed no problems on either machine as I switch quite regularly and all the various VHDs (about 15) on the drive were created from a copy of the original Nitro VHD on the VCC distro. I've never 'created" a Vhd from scratch.
> I found the easy way is to copy the original to my flashdrive then I've reformatted it in OS9 as well as RSDOS. Now I have a blank Vhd to use as a templet anytime I want another one. I suspect the original was created by Robert Gault, so it's from whatever system he uses.

I'm pretty sure I started the RGBDOS project for emulators on a Win98SE system 
so that's where I created some .vhd images. However, emu.dr for OS-9 (a driver 
for .vhd images) was written by Alan DeKok who, I think, created the first .vhd 
images for MESS.

Far as I can see, the OS should not matter. The format of the .vhd will not 
change as a function of the OS. Heck it does not even need to be a Windows OS 
and the .vhd images work just fine.

The only reasonable way to solve John's problem with Win7, is to examine the 
actual content of his .vhd images after being transferred from the Win7 system 
to WinXP. A raw file editor that displays byte content would be needed.
Since I don't have a Win7 system (currently WinXP SP3 is in use) I can't do any 

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