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I use the same VHDs stored on a USB flash drive on Win XP, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008, Win Vista AND 
Win 7. I've noticed no problems on either machine as I switch quite regularly and all the various VHDs (about 15) on the drive were created from a copy of the original Nitro VHD on the VCC distro. I've never 'created" a Vhd from scratch.
I found the easy way is to copy the original to my flashdrive then I've reformatted it in OS9 as well as RSDOS. Now I have a blank Vhd to use as a templet anytime I want another one. I suspect the original was created by Robert Gault, so it's from whatever system he uses.

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I don't know why this occurs.  Maybe it is an issue unique to just my 
articular setup.
I have VCC v1.42 setup and working just fine on a desktop with Windows 7 
ltimate installed as the OS.  I have created several virtual HD's ( 
vhd's).  They all functions as they should.
I have recently installed and setup VCC v1.42 on a different desktop 
ith Windows XP installed as the OS.  If I copy any of the .vhd files 
rom the Win 7 machine to to a USB stick and then copy them from that to 
he machine with Win XP, they are unreadable by VCC
n that machine.  VCC sees them as just blank formatted HD's.
But the reverse of that issue is just the opposite.  If I create and 
ormat a .vhd with VCC on the machine with XP on it, copy it to a usb 
tick and then to the machine with WIN 7 installed on it.  VCC reads the 
ontents just fine.
I cannot for the life of me figure out why the reverse won't work.  Does 
t have something to do with permissions in Win 7 that is confusing XP 
hat it will not correctly read the contents of the .vhd created with 
CC on Win7 machine ?
Has this occurred for anyone else that can shed some light on it.
ohn Orwen

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