[Coco] Off Topic but neato "Tiny $35 Raspberry Pi computer causes big stir on launch day"

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au
Wed Feb 29 23:40:20 EST 2012

On 1/03/2012 8:10 AM, Steve Batson wrote:

Wow, is it that time of year again already (the tri-annual Coco4 thread 
time)!?! Gee, time flies! ;)

> I don't understand the fixation on the actual hardware myself given the
> shrinking availability of used replacement hardware. Yes I understand some
> of the nostalgia and fond memories of working on that old computer, and I
> understand the look and feel of the real thing too. I don't see why that is
> a deal breaker.

Personal preference, as simple as that. There's no rhyme or reason to it, 
it's just the way it is. For me, it needs to be hardware. For others like 
Steve, software is the way to go.

> I really don't see why so many complained about Steve Bjork's idea.

Complained? I humbly suggest you mean 'expressed a disinterest' perhaps?

> If it can't run old CoCo stuff though, what's the point.

Precisely. Plenty of more powerful computers out there already, like the 
Amiga, if you're only interested in accessing more power from the grass 
roots level. And there's always AMOS Basic of course.

> I so emulator, go for it! Saves Desk Space too! :)

But I want blinky lights!!! :P


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