[Coco] MESS issues

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 15:44:32 EST 2012

O'm going to start by stating that MESS has worked better for me than any of the other emulators I have tried so far. That said, I have found that there are times when MESS does not set things up correctly, and my code begins to have errors in execution. I had just such an occurrance today. I uncommented some code in decode to allow me to print the results of the VDT and DSAT validations to a file I can look at in TextPad. Upon running it, decode was suddenly having problems sorting the variables, and errored out with a 67 error (Illegal Argument). I tried running the known good code, and got the same result. Then I exited the emulation, quit MESS and restarted it. The error went away.

To anyone who uses MESS and writes programs for an emulated OS in it, be aware that sometimes your errors are not yours, but MESS'.

Basic09 is the language of the future ;)

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