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Wayne Campbell asa.rand at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 19:05:04 EST 2012

I am sorry to hear those disks are bad. It appears some good will come of 
this. It looks like the Level 1 RS disks will actually make it into a 
repository before this is all said and done. Today I received a copy of the 
Dragon version of Basic09 and a pdf of the Dragon Basic09 manual. I have 
already looked at the program. There is definitely a size difference from 
the Tandy L2 version, but the differences are few. The size difference is 
mostly due to the licence text stating Dragon Data Ltd. instead of Tandy 
Corp., and the only other differences are some of the header values, the crc 
and 4 bytes of code. The bug fix idea may be correct, but I am still 
checking it out. The program does execute under NOS-9 6309 L2, but I have 
yet to try to load, edit or run any procedure in it to see what happens.

To everyone who has taken part in this effort, I thank you. To those who are 
producing the disk images, I thank you. Soon I believe my collection will be 
complete, and the L1 disks can take their rightful place in the OS9 
repositories around the net for preservation. It's nice to know copies of 
the originals still exist to be preserved.

Basic09 is the language of the future ;)

Need to recover Basic09 I-Code source?
Download http://cococoding.com/wayne/decode.os9

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> Hi,
> Reading the original disks. LOL, the bit rot has made them unreadable 
> (Except by the FBI, CIA, ...).
> So trying to read any of the original 5.25" disks is no longer possible.
> IMHO it would be a waste of time to try.
> The O0_1.dsk coming quickly.
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>>I just remembered that in the Coco system I just recently recieved (still 
>>going through stuff), I have copies of both, Os9 Lv1 v1.0 & Os9 lv1 v2.0. 
>>I also have the Tandy release of Basic09. These are original RS disks, not 
>>copies. The only problems are that my 5.25' drive is giving me trouble and 
>>that I currently have no way of transferring them if I could read them. 
>>I'm working on these problems and if & when I am able to do so, I will 
>>post these. I think I also have a disk with OS9 Lv1 v1.001 which was a bug 
>>fix (I think).
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