[Coco] n8vem-sbc (was Midwest VCF)

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Wed Sep 28 10:23:18 EDT 2011


Scroll to the bottom and you'll see that there is a 68000 board also. 
Might be the thing for those who always wanted a 68K based computer. Now 
we need a 68K version of Nitros-9...

I also see that the 6809 cards ARE NOT S-100, but are the metric 
"Eurocard" format (60 x 100 mm, which appears to be a 3U card, 3x32 [96 
pin] connector... I'm assuming). Nothing wrong with that, just passing 
it along. There is an S-100 based version of the project, but no 6809 
boards listed, just a 68K.

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