[Coco] n8vem-sbc (was Midwest VCF)

John Kent jekent at optusnet.com.au
Wed Sep 28 11:21:55 EDT 2011


I sent an email to Andrew Lynch, asking about the boards, but he did not 
reply. He's talked about his boards on the m6809 news group.

I did buy a number of 96 way DIn4164 (?) Eurocard connectors. They are 
used for VME bus. There is also something called STE bus that is 
Eurocard based, but it on uses two rows of connector pins rather than 
three and is intended for 8 bit CPU systems. I think it has extended 
addressing that allows you to access up to 1MB of RAM.

I'm not sure if Andrews boards use STE bus or VME bus or if he invented 
his own bus. It would be nice to be able to use any peripheral boards 
you develop for either a 6809 or 68K. I have an old EMS 68K board that I 
was thinking of stripping the chips off to make a 68K system using a 
68901 MFP. The board was advitised in the back of Byte magazine back in 
the early 80s. It was supposed to work at 10MHZ although they only 
provided an 6MHz 68K which was a bit of a con.

I was looking at Eagle Cad as a way of designing PCBs. There is a mid 
range version for a couple of hundred dollars, although it restricts you 
to Eurocard size boards. KiCAD is free, although it does not support 
rubber banding of wires in the schematic.


On 29/09/2011 12:23 AM, Frank Swygert wrote:
> http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/page/4200908/FrontPage
> Scroll to the bottom and you'll see that there is a 68000 board also. 
> Might be the thing for those who always wanted a 68K based computer. 
> Now we need a 68K version of Nitros-9...
> I also see that the 6809 cards ARE NOT S-100, but are the metric 
> "Eurocard" format (60 x 100 mm, which appears to be a 3U card, 3x32 
> [96 pin] connector... I'm assuming). Nothing wrong with that, just 
> passing it along. There is an S-100 based version of the project, but 
> no 6809 boards listed, just a 68K.


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