[Coco] OT: Battery chargers

Tony Schountz schountz at south81.org
Sat Oct 15 13:56:47 EDT 2011

Sorry for the OT post, but you guys are about the source of information on electronics.

I have a Rolleiflex SLX camera that has a 10V battery pack (actually, 1.2v x 8 cells = 9.6v). The original had NiCd cells and a dedicated charger, but the charger doesn't work and the cells were dead. So I thought I could put 1400 mAh NiMH cells in it and use my PowerEX 9V "smart" charger (which puts out 11V at 200 mAh). When I connect the battery to the charger it takes about 7 hours to fully charge (charger light turns green), which is about what it should be based upon its mAh output and the mAh of the batteries. However, if I don't even use the camera, the cells deplete in about 2 weeks, such that I need to recharge the pack. I've put in two sets of batteries and the problem persists, so I don't think it's the batteries themselves.

I don't know a lot about electronics (I work in infectious diseases), so is there something I'm doing incorrectly based upon the above information? I would think the cells would maintain their charge for a few months, at least. But this is not the case.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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