[Coco] DW4 (with GUI) for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Wed Mar 16 15:51:51 EDT 2011

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 02:46:53AM -0400, Aaron Wolfe wrote:
> I've built current DW4 packages for lots of system types.. 32 or 64
> bit Windows and Linux, and 32 bit Macs.  I'll add a 64 bit Mac package
> soon  (If you don't know whether your mac is running the 32 or 64 bit
> kernel, check out the "Software" section under the system profiler).

Unfortunately for me, the server I'm using for drivewire has such an
ancient JRE that it can't run this, but it might just modivate me to
re-route some serial cables.

Because you're doing really cool stuff!

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