[Coco] Will this build-your-own s-video board work for CoCo 3?

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> >Is there a good prognosis?
> I don't think so although we haven't got one yet.
> He is down to skin and bone now and uses a wheel
> chair when he can sit up and a stretcher when he can't
> it is his largely his own fault.   He ignored his massive
> weight loss until the pain hit him THEN he went to the
> doctor to get checked out..  I understand that is a typically
> male problem in medical circles.    I should have  known
> there was a problem when he lost 30% of his body weight
> between my visits to see him.
> But we will know the results of a "PET" scan next Thursday
> which should tell the tell.... we are hoping for the best but
> expecting the worst.....

Ugggh.  That doesn't sound all that promising.  But you will do what you 
must, knowing that there are friends all around you, some of which have 
already played/endured this scene more than one expects to.  Need to talk, 
vent, whatever, we are here.

> Roy
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Cheers, Gene
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