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 I've been advised, obviously, that my location would be useful :)

 All the equipment is in South Florida.


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Just wanted to offer here, as coco addicts, like me, usually like other stuff too! I'm an oldies addict! But I need room. I have WAY too many systems, and not enough time nor space. I will be unloading a TON of systems in the next few months, mostly of the CP/M or MP/M variety. If noone here is interested, I will be fleaBaying them one by one as my work travel schedule permits. I will be out of the country 2/12 - 2/19, then 2/25-3/8, then 4/2 - 4/16. Examples: Morrow MD-3, original manuals, original disks non-working Zorba Osborne Executive, working 100% Kaypros of ALL sorts: II, 2, 2x, 4, IV, 10, 1, 16, 16/2 Altos 5-5A/D TRS-80 4P, 128kb, some original disks, even sealed Montezuma CP/M! another 4P, 64kb, but no cover Rainbow 100 complete, working, over 50lbs of disks+docs! M100 w/ DVI unit and disk If anything piques your interest, let me know, else it goes to fleaBay... Please send queries directly to my return addy, or for faster repsonse, sharkonwheels @ g|\/|ail.com We now return you to your regularly scheduled mailing list! Tony 

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