[Coco] dir options on coco

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Nov 28 21:45:41 EST 2010

Dee-K wrote:
> Can some1 help me and tell me what is the option on a coco when reading disk.
> If I want to make a pause between each full pages while using the DIR command.
> I want it to behave like the dir/p on ms-dos. Thanx

There are two third party ROMs that will pause the directory listing at each 
full page, RGBDOS and HDBDOS. If you replace your Disk Basic ROM with one of 
these, you will get much better directory listings.

So, are you using an emulator or a real Coco? RGBDOS for real hardware is no 
longer sold but Cloud-9 sells HDBDOS. If you are using an emulator, it is easy 
to install RGBDOS or HDBDOS.

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